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PRAGATI Mini Sprinkler Irrigation System is used for irrigation of seasonal crops like vegetables, onions, potato, nurseries etc. Made of engineering plastic and available in different connection options. Compact design for easy installation, the riser can be used to increase the height up to 150 mm (6”). It can be used to increase height in following products: multipurpose stake with the adaptor for mini sprinkler, stake for mini sprinkler, mini sprinkler base. Having Sharp and self-punching inlet. Provides the stable base for the installation of a Mini sprinklers. Use to adjust the height of J-Mini Sprinkler according to shrubs height. Mini Sprinklers irrigation offers a complete line of sprinkler solutions for a wide Mini-sprinkler searched a reputation as the most reliable and durable sprinklers available with their outstanding distribution uniformity and large water passages. Mini sprinklers simplicity and modular design allows for easy accessory options making them adaptable to almost any application and crop.


Range Dia.: 63MM TO 110MM OD
Standard: IS 14151(PART-II)
Brand: Pragati,Ruston,Penguin
Grade: PE-63,PE-80,PE-100
Color: Black WitH BLUE LINING
Country Of Origin: Made In India
Head Shape: Round
Pressure Class: 0.20 MPA TO 0.32 MPA
Length: Available In Standard Length 3&6 METER WITH MALE AND FEMALE CUPLER


  • Suitable for Residential farm house, Industrial farm house, Hotel farm house, Resorts farm house, Public & Government Enterprises farm house, Golf Links, Race courses.
  • Sprinkler System is suitable for almost all field crops like Agricultural Crops Sugarcane, Chill, Cotton, Groundnut, Sorghum, Tobacco, Soya bean. Maize, Tea, Coffee, Rice, Sunflower, Musk, Melon, wheat, Gram, Pulses, as well ass.
  • Vegetables and other fodder crops.
  • Directly from canals, dams, well purpose of water life irrigation.
  • Medicinal Crops & Bio-Organic Crop.


  • Sprinkler System is easy to install anywere at very low & economic cost.
  • Sprinkler System has use of water, infect save water up to 30% to 40%.
  • Sprinkler System is the most scientific system that provides economy and better efficiency.
  • Sprinkler System is transferable in less time due to its light weight.
  • More economical.
  • Flexible & tough.
  • Chemically inert.
  • Strong & durable.
  • Portable & light weight
  • Protection from ultra violet sun rays.
  • Easy handling & quick installation.
  • Low labor & transport cost.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Saves Water.
  • Increases in Yield.

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